Day Magee is a performance-centred multimedia artist based in Dublin. Since 2011, they have performed as part of live art organisations such as Livestock and the Dublin Live Art Festival, before pursuing a BA in Sculpture & Combined Media in Limerick School of Art & Design in 2017, during their time there staging group live art events with the collective Evil, and by their third year exhibiting work as part of Galway’s Tulca Festival 2019, group shows in Dublin and Manhattan, as well as being put forward for the Future Generation Art Prize 2020 by its Irish partner platform Pallas Projects Studios, and shortlisted for the RDS Visual Arts Awards. They are most recently commissioned by Arts & Disability Ireland and Live Art Ireland in 2021.

Magee’s work concerns the grieving of futurity as per the subjectivity of a queer sick body - queerness navigated via fundamentalist Christianity, and illness as manifest in chronic pain. Taking the form of performative multimedia, from live performance to image-making, the written word and music, they manifest and chronicle a self-mythology.



-February: ‘you breathe differently down here’ at Draoícht Blanchardstown - Work: ‘A Thing Least Like Eternity’ [Video]

-March: Solo show ‘Contraindications of the Cross’ at Pallas Projects/Studios


-March: ‘Sam’s Eden’ at Catalyst Arts, Belfast [Online] - Work: ‘The Garden of Jarman’ [Video]

-May: Solo exhibition with Emerge Arts Magazine [Online] - Work: ‘Triloquy’ [Video]

-May: Bealtaine Festival 2021 [Online] - Work: ‘A Male Keening (vi)’ [Performance]

-May: ‘Rally’ Graduate Show at Limerick School of Art & Design [Online] - Work: ‘A Thing Least Like Eternity’ [Video]

-September: Gaze Film Festival 2021, IFI Cinema - Work: ‘Unprotected’ as part of ‘Shame//Less” [Video]

-November: Revision Performing Arts Festival, Flax Art Studios, Belfast - Work: ‘Bethesda’ [Performance]

-December: ‘Pathology of Energy’ with Arts & Disability Ireland [Online] - Work: ‘Body Without World’ [Video]

-December: ‘Virtually Alive & Steaming’ with Live Art Ireland [Online] - Work: ‘Eat the Good of the Land’ [Video]


-January: Evil Collective Performance Event in Cork w/ Tactic Studios - performance ‘Intimate Gazing’


-March: Evil Collective Performance Event - performance ‘A Male Keening (iv)’

-June 12-26: OUTLines at One Art Space, Manhattan - Work: ‘Ophelio’ [Video portrait]

-June 21-July 6: The Queeratorial at Pallas Projects/Studios, Dublin - Work: ‘The Male Keening’ [Performance; print; sculpture]

-June 24: Cover-featured artist of GCN Magazine’s Rainbow Revolution Pride Edition

-November 1-17: Tulca Festival, Galway City - Work: ‘Keening Garden Door’ [Performance; Sculpture]

-November: Evil Collective Performance Event- performance ‘Osculum Infame’

-December 5: Diffraction at 126 Gallery, Galway - Work: ‘Ophelio’ [Video portrait]


-August: Evil Collective Performance Event - performance ‘Fissures of Men’

-November: Evil Collective Performance Event - performance ‘Carpe Anima’


-January 20: Queerstock at the Complex Dublin - Work: ‘Do It To Me’ [Performance]

-August 17: Livestock @ the Dublin Live Art Festival at the Complex Dublin - Work ‘Saturn’ [Performance]